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Beer Fest Bound

Minnesota Craft Brewer's Guild After a great time at the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild Winterfest event last year, I was stoked to see the guild releasing a limited number of festival ticket packs Saturday, and was fortunate enough to buy a set the wife and myself.

Packs included two tickets to each of the 3 festivals (All Pints North in Duluth, Autumn Brew Review on the Grain Belt Brewery grounds in Minneapolis, and Winterfest at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul).

What beer events did you go to last year, and what are you looking forward to in 2013? If you’re going to be at any of the MN Brewer’s guild events, drop me a line. I’d love to meet up with fellow homebrewer/beer geeks!

MN Craft Brewer’s Guild Winterfest 2012

Well, Winterfest was an amazing time, there’s just no other way to put it.

We arrived at the Minnesota History Center just before six, which was early enough to put us in the first 50 people at the event. The crowd staged just inside the entrance, and it was quite a crowd. The initial 750 or so tickets that were open to the general public sold out in mere minutes, and between the extra tickets given to volunteers, brewers, etc, all told there were close to 1000 people in attendence.

Winterfest Crowd

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I’m off to Winterfest!

I was lucky enough to score tickets to the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild Winterfest event, showcasing the best of the best that the Minnesota breweries have to offer. I’m stoked to have a chance to try some of the crazy beers the brewers came up with and take some pictures to post back here.

I’ll also be stopping at Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis for some beer and a tour with one of the brewers there. Should be a great weekend – stay tuned!