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Brewers Hardware Thermowell

To go along with my dual-stage Love temperature controller, I ordered a 16″ stainless straight-wall thermowell from Brewers Hardware. I don’t have a lot to say about thermowells in general, and I haven’t had a chance to use this piece in an actual batch of beer yet, but the quality of these blew me away, so I thought it deserved a quick post and a few pictures since the lone image on the Brewers Hardware site is a bit lacking. Read more →

Mash Tun Upgrades

Following up on my last post, I decided to pull the trigger on the Bargain Fittings cooler kit. I ended up going with the standard 2-piece valve instead of the 3-piece, and a 38” hose barb. I also picked up two of the new 12” clear silicone gaskets, which I knew I’d need to work around a flaw in my mash tun (more on this later).

The parts arrived a few days later via USPS, and they look awesome compared to the dingy brass fittings they’re replacing.

Bargain Fittings Cooler Kit

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