Chalkboard Paint Kegerator

FrigidaireEarly last winter, I had a friend whose parents were dismantling a 1960s era trailer home, and he was kind enough to offer me the fridge for free sans a  half tank of gas to go pick it up. As thrilled as I was, the wife was quick to point out that the 60’s era mud brown did not match the decor in our basement, so before moving the fridge to its’ home behind my bar, I went after the outside with some 60 grit sandpaper to prep the outside for painting, which I’m promptly getting to one year later.

Since I’m completely out of homebrew at the moment (I had a busy fall), it seems like a great time to unplug the ancient Frigidaire, let it have a much-needed defrosting, and class this thing up. Here’s a before shot of the outside:

Kegerator Door Before

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