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Toured: Town Hall Brewery

After an amazing night at Winterfest, we drug our sleep-deprived selves to Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis for a much needed bloody mary and a tour of the brewery facilities. Town Hall is an unassuming little building, tucked in to the Seven Corners district off South Washington Ave in Minneapolis.

Town Hall Brewery

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Toured – Fitgers Brewhouse

A few weeks before we embarked on our Duluth trip, the wife turned to me at the supper table and said, “I was thinking about our trip, and we should try to make it to Fitgers for a tour while we’re up there.

Brilliant woman.

Founded in 1884, Fitgers has a rich history as an iconic Duluth industry, producing over 120,000 bbls in the 1940s. Having survived prohibition by producing soda instead of beer, they were ulimately forced to close their doors in 1972 after the state enacted new pollution rules requiring equipment the brewery was unable to afford. Fitgers reopened in it’s present state in 1984 and is now home to four restaurants (try the elk burger), several shops, a hotel, a day spa, and of course, the brewery.

Fitgers Boil Kettle

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