Coleman Extreme Manifold

Coleman Extreme Manifold

This is the hopefully last of the updates to my 52 quart Coleman Extreme manifold. Part One dealt with swapping my brass valve and bulkhead parts for a sweet stainless kit from, while Part Two covered the new manifold layout and the thinking that went into it.

I said in my last post that I was going to use a Dremel to cut the manifold slots, but that ended up not working out. I couldn’t find a cut-off wheel that was large enough to let me cut straight slots in the longer tubes. I did use it for the short runs near the bulkhead:

Mash Tun Manifold Slots With Dremel

It worked great for the cuts shown above, but as you can see, they’re a bit wider than I’d like. With much reservation, I went off to the local hardware store and grabbed a pack of five, 22 TPI hacksaw blades, and set off to slot the rest of the copper. Honestly, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I remembered. It took maybe an hour to cut the remaining pipes, clean up the burrs, and get the red dye buffed off the outside of the pipes. Here’s a comparison of the dremel (top) vs hacksaw (bottom) cuts:

Mash Tun Manifold Slots

It looks quite a bit better than the first version! So nice, in fact, that I’m a little worried someone from Lagunitas might call me up and ask me to make them a lauter manifold for that new 250bbl brewhouse in the Windy City. Here’s a snap of the whole manifold assembled:

Coleman Extreme Manifold

I finished this project up with something that’s generally frowned upon: I soldered some pieces together. (pause to let the shock subside) To clarify that, I soldered some of the joints together. Most of the pieces come apart so it’s still very simple to clean, but it gives me a bit more confidence that nothing will come apart in the mash, and generally is just less hassle when putting it together.

Mash Tun Manifold Disassembled

I had a chance to put the new manifold to use this past Sunday and was really pleased. My Grist was 45% wheat and no rice hulls, so it was lacking the usual amount of filter material, but the sparge was uneventful, if a little slow. Can’t ask for much more than that!

Copper Manifold