Cold Fruit Infusion

Cold Fruit Infusion

Part of the reason I brewed up a 10 gallon batch of belgian blonde was I wanted to experiment with adding fruit flavor to a beer. Sam’s Club had a sale on frozen strawberries, so I picked up two bags (10 pounds) to play around with. I thawed a few berries the other night and mashed them up in a sample I pulled, and it was extremely tasty, so did some napkin calculations and racked about 6 gallons of beer that’s been cold-crashing for 5 days onto 5 pounds of strawberries in a bucket fermenter.

My plan is to hold the beer at 38-40 for about a week, and if a sample tastes good at that point, I’ll rack to a keg and force-carb. If I think it needs more flavor from the berries, I might add some or all of the remaining five pounds at that point and give it a few more days, but I’m hopeful it will come through nicely with this first infusion.

Belgian Blonde Strawberry Infusion


  • KISS Brew on Jul 29, 2012

    I recently made a Strawberry Wheat by racking 4 gallons of wheat beer onto 5 pounds of frozen strawberries from Sam’s Club. I had great results: a good nose, a nice flavor, and a fairly clean aftertaste. I was surprised that it wasn’t stronger at that concentration!

    I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results, but you might decide to add a couple more pounds.

    • Brandon Hornseth on Jul 29, 2012

      From what I’ve read, it takes a crazy amount of fruit to add a notable flavor, but I figured it was better to start out with less and hopefully strike a balance than to add too much and have the fruit overpower the underlying beer.

      How long did you leave your wheat on the strawberries?

    • Brandon Hornseth on Aug 10, 2012

      Tasting notes are posted here.