Brewers Hardware Thermowell

Brewers Hardware Thermowell

To go along with my dual-stage Love temperature controller, I ordered a 16″ stainless straight-wall thermowell from Brewers Hardware. I don’t have a lot to say about thermowells in general, and I haven’t had a chance to use this piece in an actual batch of beer yet, but the quality of these blew me away, so I thought it deserved a quick post and a few pictures since the lone image on the Brewers Hardware site is a bit lacking.

Brewers Hardware Thermowell

The open-end has a very slight flare to it. and while I’d like a bit more of a collar, this is thin-wall tubing, so what’s there is a nice bonus. What’s really impressive, however, is the closed end:

Brewers Hardware Thermowell

Most DIY thermowells, and many commercially-available alternatives are simple thin-walled tubing that’s folded over twice and crimped shut in a vice. These are spun shut and TIG welded, leaving the end completely seamless. I need to buy a carboy cap and a solid stopper that will fit my carboys and do some experimenting with a proper installation, but the 16″ length is perfect for primary fermentation in either a 6 or 6.5 gallon carboy.

Lastly, the stainless probe for my Love controller is far from snug, but I did a quick test with ground-temp water (high 50s) and the probe-in-thermowell-in-water read within a tenth of a degree of my digital thermometer. A little heat-conductive grease wouldn’t hurt, but it seems close enough without any to not bother. Here’s a shot showing the clearance on the Love probe:

Love Probe Thermowell



  • Nick on Jun 13, 2014

    Thanks for the close-up pics of the thermowell. I’m getting ready to order one for myself. How has your experience been with it? Did you end up using heat conductive grease or has it been fine without it? Any other tips you can pass on would be great. Thanks again!

    • Brandon Hornseth on Jul 03, 2014

      I haven’t used any thermal grease, and I can’t see that I’ll need to. There is some air space, but from everything I’ve seen, as long as the tip of the probe is in contact with the thermowell, it’s as close to measuring the temperature of the beer as you’ll get.

      They’re great quality pieces; I have zero complaints after a couple years of use.