Brewed – Dead Ringer

Brewed – Dead Ringer

Rebel Mill

As far as IPA recipes go, Northern Brewer’s Dead Ringer kit is as straightforward as they come. NB has been sold out of Centennial hops for some time now, so I was sent 5 ounces of “Centennial-Type” hops from Hop Union. There’s a brief writeup found on the NB blog explaining that these are 70% Cascade, 30% Columbus. Substitutions notwithstanding, this was a pretty relaxed brewday for me.

With groundwater temps in the low 70s, I was again forced to knock out around 85° and throw the sealed fermenter in the fridge to cool before pitching. Actually, it’s still in the fridge on it’s way to 64°; I’ll most likely pitch in the morning, so I’m calling this Two-Parted on account of my brewday and pitch being non-contiguous.

The grist for this batch is 11# two-row, 1# crystal 40L. I love the color of this wort:

Dead Ringer Wort Sample

Sometime in the future I’d like to do a split batch of this grain bill and brew half with all Centennial (actual Centennial) hops, and half with all Columbus. Right now, I’m intent on building up my pipeline a bit again and getting my kegorator filled with beer I want to drink for the next few months. Fall is always a busy time at our house, and I spend most of my weekends chasing pheasants with my dog.


  • Batch Size: 5.5 gallons
  • Total Grist: 12 pounds
  • O.G: 1.060
  • F.G:
  • Brewhouse Efficiency: 75%
  • Boil Time: 60 minutes


  • 11# US Two-row
  • 1# Crystal 40L


  • .75oz Hop Union Centennial-type @ 60m
  • 1oz Hop Union Centennial-type @ 20 m
  • 2oz Hop Union Centennial-type @ 5 m


  • Irish Moss – 1tsp @ 15 minutes remaining


2012/08/05 – Brewed late-afternoon. Knocked out 5.5 gallons at 85°.  Fermenter went into the fridge about 8pm to chill to pitching temps. Was still at 77° at 11:30pm, so I left it to chill to 64° overnight.

2012/08/06 – Wort given 60 seconds of oxygen; Decanted and pitched a 1600mL starter.


  • Bertus on Aug 10, 2012

    THA is one of the beers I plan on cloning soon. I’d definitely recommend dry hopping with 2-3 oz of Centennial (or Centennial-type). There’s a lot of dry hop character in fresh THA. That batch looks good though; should be tasty.

  • KISS Brew on Aug 06, 2012

    Dead Ringer is a simple, awesome IPA. I’ve only ever done it with Centennial, and I was very pleased with the results. I imagine you’ll like it pretty well with the “Centennial-type” substitution, but brew it again when the Centennial crop comes out. You won’t regret it!