Friday Photo

Dead Drifter


If you haven’t had one of these, you need to! Half Widmer Drifter, half Rogue Dead Guy, all awesome.

Friday Photo – Extra Pale Ale

Extra Pale Ale

Found this while going through some photos from early this winter. This was actually brewed New Years Day, and was later renamed the Extra Mild Ale due to some efficiency problems stemming from a horribly coarse crush. Not a beer worth writing home about, but it sure looked great!

Friday Photo – Takes Beer to Make Beer

India Brown Ale

Snapped this shot of my India Brown while brewing up an American Hefewizen on Easter Sunday. I love capturing photos that showcase the colors and clarity of beer, but occasionally a simple silhouette can tell more of a story.

Friday Photo – Weyerbacher Double Simcoe

Weyerbacher Double Simcoe

I snagged this bottle as a part of my East Coast beer swap. Terrible label. Excellent beer.

Brewed with 100% simcoe hops, the aroma is a pungent, resiny, fruit, and the mouthfeel is just a tad thick, as you might expect for a 9% ABV beer. Hop oils linger on the tongue long after it’s gone. All in all a very nice beer, though I’m finding my palate prefers something alongside giant simcoe additions.