Brewery Ops Room

Brewery Ops Room

Finally finished the destroyer of a married man’s free time: home renovation.

Actually this project might have been my idea. When we bought our house a couple years ago, the laundry room was completely unfinished, save for the studs that were painted fire engine red. Yeah, no idea what would compel a person to do that. Anyways, between having to chill wort in my basement bathroom in the winter and not having a dedicated area to wash carboys, buckets, and kettles and leave them to drain, I figured we could turn our dungeon-esque laundry room into a really functional space, and I think we accomplished just that.

Laundry Room Renovation

The plubing was roughed-in the week I got back from Railsconf in Austin, TX, and we bought two 30″ wall cabinets, a 36″ sink base, and an 18″ floor-to-ceilingish cabinet, all unfinished. In between coats of poly, I added and moved several outlets and wired in a new phone jack so I could relocate my DSL modem. In the middle of this project, I also pulled CAT6 to every room in the house, and multiple runs to several rooms. If you’ve ever pulled cable in existing construction, you know how much of a pain in the ass that can be. I spent 3 hours one saturday literally crawling around in the floor joist space to make this possible.

In addition to the added storage space, I also gained an 8′ countertop and a huge drop-in laundry tub, which isn’t quite large enough to let my Bayou Classic pot sit in the bottom, but it’s much more suited to washing out large vessels, and it dwarfs¬†7.9 gallon plastic fermenter.

Drop-in Laundry Tub

I’m beyond happy with how this turned out, even if did take almost 3 months start to finish. I still need to figure out what would work best for closing up the ceiling, but that can wait until this winter when I have less going on.